By vehicle, the novans mean any land, air, sea or space craft manned by one or more individual. This include mechs, but not frames (power armors)

Novan vehicle conception

Use of Novan vehicles

The novan vehicles are equiped with standard manual controls (MC), but most of the time, require a neural link to work properly. It can be controlled either in either, semi-autonomous control (SAC), awake dive control (ADC) or full dive control (FDC).

Modular serie craft

The nova has a selection of basic modular vehicle model that are used to equip every new novan unit. Those models are extremely versatile and modable, and will, across the years of upgrades by their owner, become unique creations serving more specific purpose. They are built industrially along their spare components and also upgrades.

Landcrafts - Tanks

The Novan tanks have in common their legs and prehensile manipulation arms. Legs are useful to carry their weight across accidented battlefield but are always fitting with others moduls to increase their overall mobility on different terrains. They can be fitted to glide on sand and snow, roll on roads, gravity anchor for soft terrain and steep surfaces or a more polivalent hover. While all three chassis can be equiped with a whole arsenal of weapons and modules to go against any sort of threat, each has its own archetype of mission to be used in.

  • Silvkurt - Light tank - Recon / Hunter-Killer
  • Skorak - Main Battle Tank - Multirole
  • Berenoth - Heavy tank - Mobile HQ / Ironclad





Plenty novan vehicles are actually scavanged or bought machines that were retrofitted with novan tech. Depending of the initial goal, this retrofitting can either aim to keep the original aesthetics, improve the perfomance or even plain reconception. In all those cases, the aquisition and retrofit is almost always of the doing of the novans using the vehicle. No exhaustive list exist of all the retrofitted vehicles as they originaly belong to every specie and era.

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