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Welcome on one of the few data gathering point about the Nova. Here are stored and linked together all the informations up to date

The information seen might be slightly different depending of your foreign, citizen or official status.

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The Nova : The arcana paradigm brought to space age predatory races

The nova is an higly technologically advanced civilization that use arcana, a mystical energy in most of their technologies.

About the lore

This lore consist of about 7 years of "naive" world building. Until now, nothing much had been written down, but most topics had been brought up and discussed. Due to the time span, some elements might not fit anymore in the canon lore. It will take a large amount of time and work to gather back the data and offer a sufficient amount of content for this wiki to be appreciable to navigate. Raw data might be inputted prior to structure the wikia but will be put in form later on.

Table of content

Statecraft Councils
Technologies Vehicles
Homeworld Homeworld (Former) Important Locations
Foreign policies Emblems
Culture Guilds

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