The Novan government can be approached of a Stratocratic welfare state.

The Novan state has a major implication in the every day life of its citizen. Civilian life and military service are hardly distinguishable. The state and the army is constitutionally the same entity and the government positions are occupied by military leaders. But this state protects and promote the well-being of its citizens, based on the principles of equal rights, equal opportunities and public responsibility for the citizens unable to avail themselves. Education and healthcare is completely free of charge for Novan citizen for example. The state provide a relatively high degree of citizen autonomy and completely limiting reliance on family.

Head of the state

The Nova have at the head of its executive government a council of the 12 High commanders of the Nova and 4 Arkoms of Novan sub-factions.

The Novan general council

This council discuss the most important and general matters for the Nova, decides of the major laws and changes.

Novan Sub-councils


Indexes are present in Novans day to day life as each Novan to belong to one index. Every index has a domain of the society to tend for and has its own organization, hierarchy, HQ, military forces, civilian forces and a part of Novan territory. All Index have an administration for each of the domain it covers, and thus they wont be named in the following table's "Civilian forces" column but has to be counted has ones.

Index Rune High commander Domain(s) Armed force(s) Civilian force(s) Infrastructure
1st Index Ese
Zelden Aur Statecraft 1st Novan Army

Lekrom Knight Order

2nd Index Zaron Zelrick Thorvitch Foreign-Affairs

Hard Diplomacy

2nd Novan Army

Bloodthorns Operatives

3rd Index Yhron Raya Silhammer Domestic-Affairs




3rd Novan Army


Security forces

4th Index Dair Makoma Amaril Military


4th & 5th Novan Armies

1st, 2nd & 3rd Novan fleets

Iron legion

Military bases

Military spaceports

5th Index Laeri Azraelle Thorvitch Intelligence

Counter intelligence

Soft diplomacy

Special Operations Novan Intelligence Agency (NIA)

Novan Counter-Intelligence Agency (NCIA)


6th Index Az Meridi Theorn Economy



Outer-worlds security forces (OWSF) Trading fleets

Deep space exploration fleet

Explorers guild

Trader guilds

7th Index Kyl Marook Resource exploitation


Civil engineering


Artisan guilds

Builder guilds

Mining fleet

The Forge

Industrial areas

Agricultural areas

8th Index Inka Serina Koruma Physic sciences 1st Expeditionary corp. Physic research centers
9th Index Mar Helti Shadarrow Xenosciences 2st Expeditionary corp. Xenosciences research centers
10th Index Paji Ale Deneros Engineering 3st Expeditionary corp. Engineering research and development centers

Test grounds

11th Index Hyphior Aemil Ravensong Arcanical sciences 4st Expeditionary corp. Arcanic research centers
12th Index Befa CORE Yggdrazen
Index Rune Arkom Sub-Faction Armed force(s) Civilian force(s) Infrastructure
The Sylia Ürm Terraximuses The Grand Gardens
The secret index Kyp Hora Thibalus Archivists The Great Archive
The wild index Sorhar'zil The Novan Hive The High Hive
The lost Index Sancturary Sancturary
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