The uses of the Novan emblem

The Novan emblem has several variations that allow to give more information just by looking at the emblem.

The Novan emblem

The emblem bore by every Novans ships but also by Novans in mission.

The ring

The ring define if the ship or individual bearing it is civilian / Freelancer or Military / State. Often, in the case of civilian and freelancers, a white ring can be added where would be the black ring in order to keep the same emblem scale, size, to increase visual contrast and to avoid confusion when painted on a dark surface.

Civilian / Freelancers Military / State
White ring white-01

No ring / White ring

Ring white-01-01

Black ring

The background

The background color will define the function of the ship or of the individual bearing it.

Color Theme Civilian / Freelancers State / Military
White None
White ring white-01

Civilian owned equipment

Ring white-01-01

State owned equipment

Grey Security
White ring grey-01

Militia / Private security forces

Ring grey-01

Official security forces

Orange Military
White ring Orange-01

Higgs / Mercenaries

Ring orange-01

Officials and Armies

Red Drazen Knights
White ring red-01

Drazen knights Mercenaries

Ring red-01-01

Drazen knights Spec-ops / Orders

Purple Economic
White ring purple-01

Freelance Traders

Ring purple-01

Novan corporations / Industrial sites

Blue Scientific
White ring Blue-01

Freelance scientists / Explorers

Ring light blue-01

Expeditionary corps / Science sites

Teal Arcane
White ring Teal-01

Freelancer arcanists

Ring Teal-01

11th Index / State Arcanists

Green Environment
White ring green-01-01

Agriculture / Hunters

Ring green-01

Climate / Eco / Bio engineering and Terraforming


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