The novan population is a complex mix of races present in the old and now shattered Carnos Alliance. Affiliated to the predatory races, this alliance was reuniting most sentient carnivorous races. But unlike the old Alliance, the Nova also count omnivorous and herbivorous race members along its ranks, at the cost of some cultural, philosophical and physiological adaptations. The actual Novan population is about 42 million souls throughout the galaxy.


Often simply though inaccurately as a member of a common galactic race, a Novan should be designated as the Novan variation of his race. Because despite the easily identifiable heritages of his origins, he is no longer part of his race. Present among the population at various degrees, The Novan Genetic Base (NGB) alter physical, physiological and psychological characteristics of every Novan individuals. An individual having less than 30% of shared DNA with his base specie will be classified as part of an Uncharted Novan Race (UNR).Those gradients of NGB infusion of an individual are named “Types” and are going from I to III.

Type Description Survivability Technological compatibility Metabolism
I Little to no visible changes, the NGB begin to change the individual

metabolism and instincts. Gained when reaching the Miraad Aav rank

Render Self-triggered dephazing non-Lethal for the user. Increase the bio compatibilities of Novan implants on the user. Metabolic and Immune system boost. Unconscious control of the two.
II Once the novan biology stabilized, visible changes occur, giving the

individual the usual Novan aesthetics. Nova-born childs are Type II

Allow non-life-supported Biostasis Allow the use of full consciousness dive Allow the conscious manipulation of vital function
III Last stage of a novan, allowing the use of novan protocoles without

being killed in the process. Apparation of the "Novan mark" as mark of Adulthood

Allow the delayed dephazing protocoles Allow the use of machinery embodiment protocoles Allow the conscious manipulation of specific body fonctions

Novan aesthetics

The Novan aesthetics appear when a Novan reach type II genetic alteration

  • Horns: They come in all kind of shape, size and number.
  • Eyes: Dark grey sclera, glowing iris and lizard-like pupils
  • Ears: Long, pointy, sometimes fluffy.
  • Skin: Origin race skin type with patches of either feathers, scales, fur or spikes.
  • Colors: Often complex patterns from soft to bright colors

Biological uniformization

The gain of Novan aesthetics is only the visible part of the iceberg. Deep metabolic changes occur within the Novans as they get up the tiers. Everything from bone to muscle is slowly transformed from the original specie biotech to Novan biotech. While the individuals might keep their original appearance, they are no longer member of their original specie. His new biology and metabolism being the same as all other Novans.

The newly formed organisms now share biological traits such as:

- Water as biological solvent.

- Their oxygene rich blood appear purple unlike their unoxygenated blood that is more redish. This is due to the colaterale use of hemoglobin and hemocyanin in their oxygen transport cells (hemocytes). Their hemocytes do not need enzymes to speed up the formation of bicarbonates necessery for the Bohr effect to be efficient because of the high acidity of the novan blood. Instead, the lungs have a high pH that allow the maximum oxygene captation and then the hemocytes use enzime to avoid the contact of the hemoglobine with the blood until oxygene need to be dispersed.

- Endotherms, they generate they own body heat through metabolic process. Their metabolysm reach maximum efficiency at the inner temperature of 45°C. Their temperature can however be drastically lower at the cost of metabolic efficiency and activity until they reach lethargy (25 °C) then stasis (20°C - 15°C). Their temperature can also evolve depending of their activity. Its one of the conscously manipulable parameter of their biology. While their anti-freeze protein do not lower their freezing point by much, it work in conjunction with protein ice-nucleators to regulate the freezing rate and thus act as a cryoprotectant, rendering them freeze-tolerant.

- Pulseless: 4 major and 12 minor "cardiotharms", small, tubular organs, create a continuous and laminar blood flow without any beating, using instead, asynchrone peristalsis across the numerous branched tubes forming the cardiotharm.

Hybridization and aging

On the Yggdrazen, the Novans do not age in the same way other species does, their DNA being constantly renewed, it does not decay but instead, drift. Each individual will see his DNA change as time pass, and with the naturally rapid regeneration of Novan biological tissues, their appearance will never be truly defined.

This change of appearance, will often lead the individual to develop traits that are not from his original race, and instead, of another Novan subspecies. This transformation is intimately weaved to the individual consciousness and unconsciousness as it is an effect of arcana.Thus, among other parameters such as environment, job, physical activities and pack, the evolution of the individual will take part in this transformation. Novans can change of body type over the course of years if a major change of mind or function occurs. The early adult hood is one of the most common point of change, but if the current body match both mindset and function of the individual, major trait such as specie and body shape will stabilize.

As a direct consequence of this, each individual DNA is recorded at the rate of one sample every few years.

Out of the Yggdrazen, the DNA will only drift if exposed to similar amount of arcana, otherwise, it will start aging like normal DNA unless the individual is in biostase. If an aged Novan get back to the Yggdrazen, is DNA will start drifting again, and thus, will be repaired with enough time spent on the Yggdrazen (In about a year, the DNA has drifted enough to be considered fully restored). If an aged Novan never get back to the Yggdrazen, he will simply die of natural conditions. It is to be noted that despite their hyper-metabolism being compensated by their arcana prowess, their lifespan rarely reach over 50 Terran years once they are out the Yggdrazen.


The biological uniformization come with dire trade, while it allow different Novan "Sub-specie" with compatible biology, thus allowing them to conceive a fertile descendant, it remove them the ability to have an offspring with a non-novan unless it happen in specific conditions.

Technological Augmentation

Novans can receive technological or arcatechnological augmentation to increase their physical and cognitive abilities. Augmentations such as Neural User Display (NUD) is almost universal among Novans, granting them various tools and connection to the CORE. Upgrades of the NUD can be found depending of the individual's job, like neural interface to control the various Novan techs, advanced scanner or communications through neural channels. Other kinds augmentations are far less spread, Novans being reluctant to get visible ones, and in a more general manner, augmentations that serve to increase physical abilities. Unless its necessary for their job or cannot be achieve through biological improvement, Novans will find less acceptable those kind of augments. Rough and unaesthetical augments, and remotely junk-cyborgs are seen as a form of barbariousness.



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